Beneath Our Own Immensity

Cornish College of the Arts CDT Site Specific Collaboration

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Words from Alia Swersky and Vanessa Dewolf:


On bridges that don’t connect


ledges and the context of the impractical


DUET: Chantael Duke and Ariana Bird  

Twisting the endless undoable wind

Stand solitary to the voices, the writings that graffiti


Ali Maricich 

An unreachable suspension

the lift of gravity that rises like flapping wings to crumple

Has this unrolling, revived an earthly destination?

Water, residue while being suspended, trying to find contradiction


A dangle heavy into sadness.

My weight is that of a drop of dew.

I am wet and on wood my image remains.

A pendulum wavering, not that there is an answer.

Ripe, real, revealed in this desolate land.

Ariana Bird 

So far away to reach out to the air to that concrete conversation, reach toward and

in response the jaggedness the sharpness

this traverse the angels of architecture I overcome

my reach will expand

the path is marked, it is my time passing. Above me it is faster.


Rebecca Blackwell

Over the edge, the ledge.  Seek precarious contrast and that together.  Looking up it’s no sky.

A small ripple does not reflect back

Lost moments covered over by blankets of crevices

of ropes of tenuous laps.

The tension turns me towards the sky.

Becca Green

Open the gate, feel that part that opens up, quickly close, gradually close

an opening that closes, a closing that opens, a take of the distant ebb and flow

a contrast with all that continuity

Simply sit this chair a conduit, it carries the wires & vibrations.

I argue.  I leave it alone.  I reason it to another fanlike edge.

I am a mixture of dust and brick.

Pulled to cover, reaching ground.

Red woman received.


Chantael Duke 

There it is ready for a test of strength, take a chance the leapings all resonating at once and a spill forth carrying all over the edge, suspending just above the air or is that the dusty ground?  There is no ground it attempts to settle but in playful regard balances keep off-kilter and unsettling

This trajectory of facing it no matter that it might crack open

Once I was quietly below, there a shadow lurks.

Falling under, falling off. Close.


Colleen McNeary  

Constructed yet dizzying, straight but spinning, enormous rectangular landscape that evokes spinning dizzying that evokes

not a chance of stillness.  Take a relief, look underneath, play the realm of the crashes, and yank and cantilever safety.  Slide low unable to reach an unattainable 


Drape the vast.  

Circle the hill above

A gap please hold my earbones like they were jewels.  I lay flat on this danger


I give up, I look up…here I will surrender.

This I understand you will see…

Dimensionally alluring.


Ellen Cooper 

How do I hold myself up?

Here comes the gradual vanish

I am no ghost

two then one then two

repeating the in the out the in the out to get out of balance 

to achieve balance

 Flat leaf.

A slanted slope…I follow you.

Momentous and miniscule momentum.

 The other side, the one we think we can get to.  A personal battle of strength and turn.  Small animals, squirrels and foxes leap to pounce but then sit daintily.


Mariah Martens 

Quiet chaos before the fracturing, cracking, broken and leaping.  On the verge

 It keeps asking for the pinnacle and at the edge it barely holds.  The collapse is as fragile as glass in a pocket.

 Have I been a cartographer?  

Taking the threads to the air, this drifts as it might leave me

 Wildly still. 

The width of the column begins at my spine.


Matt Drews

Structures of human size, of enormous landscape holding the ground.  Suspend and play a trick, small or huge? Leave toward an impossible suspension, to a gravity trick and let it hold the past.

Contaminated there is no ugly with this heart of mine.

On this dangerous edge I fly.

Someone has been here before me – they pissed, they cursed, they roared their vulgar scribe.  

Outside of the outside.

Here what is solid will disintegrate, already it is unattainable.

The ground is always there.

This wall, this edge, towards car – no, I turn back.

Yes, this is danger.


Nicole Daigle

hearing, peering, reaching, dangling

structure you use to support

support you copy


the eyes reach maximum aperture back to my hand

from the south end, I know the vastness that is this space

a structure I stand, a structure of immensity I fit below, a human I touch.


Has this cantilever allowed me to receive?

I cast aside my shadow and I hold the bent part up to the sun and it is loud


Sarah Butler

Perching like a lasting view

the shrinking & expanding of a telescope

Hold it inside so the enormity can all be so huge and within a small tenderness

A distance, an above, a below….

What balance?  How to slip?


Light beam, edge.

On the precipice of…

Distant dirt.

Matching columns.

Exposed light crack.

Arching, rotating slowly, robotic, isolating.

Moments to settle. 

You are continuous. 

Beauty below concrete. The softness of beauty. 

I walk with you. I feel safe under the silky train of your dress…


Arch to rotate, gradual a small turning an axis of settling 

then alone in all the huge


She holds that gap.  She rides like air the sound of fast machines.

Exposes an unbridgeable human.


Whitney Hord 

A forest, a vast disguise of air

leaps to sinkings.  Listen to that broken realm,

it’s whispers, underneath the Loud


compressed by sound into a quiet landing.

It is enough to trace the traffic with my ears, a gesture.

My music is your destination – a traveled pattern.

As I lay here still, I float up – exposed sky above.

The still transformation into another still….

 We do not stop it.  She holds the delicate frond within her head and remains a stronghold.  Silence and stillness despite the gap.  She prevents the freeway trample.

Initiated by traffic, tracing the traffic

the look upwards holding it all, a stillness, not rain but sound spilling down



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We refuse to be objectified and confused with the conceptual ideals of another dark force. We rather open on up to the light between each column, between each face, set of sitting teeth and wet dirt particles. Setting forth into the specific site of others and ourselves.